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    Meet Shayne McNichols, LMSW

    Greetings! My name is Shayne McNichols (she/her/hers), Owner and Lead Therapist for Blossom Counseling Center for Personal Growth & Development, LLC. I am beyond excited that you arrived at this page today. Whether you came here intentionally or stumbled upon this page by accident, stay awhile – my hope is that you glean some inspiration from this website to care well for you and yours! If you are in need of mental health services, feel free to contact us.

    At Blossom, it’s our desire to see you “Flourish from the inside out.”

    From seeding to blossoming – let’s work together to arrive at a better you!

    Client Testimonial

    “My therapeutic relationship with Shayne has been one that is monumental to my growth as a woman, and the ways that I move through and with my life! It isn’t often that a person is able to find a support system that is loving, caring, and understanding in a professional way. Since the very beginning I have and continue to feel seen and heard in this dynamic, and it inspires me to create those spaces for my community in my daily life. Shayne & Blossom Counseling Center has surely helped me to bloom!”

    –Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Rates & Insurance

    Rates & Insurance

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    From seed planting to blossoming, let’s work together – it’s time to put yourself first.”