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    About Shayne

    I’m Shayne McNichols, LMSW – Clinical & Macro, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Community Collaborator and National Public Speaker. I earned a Masters in Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Grand Valley State University. For the past 16 years, I have worked in the foster care, adoption, non-profit, for profit, and higher education industries as a Clinician and Case Manager. Since 2019, I have been the Owner and Lead Therapist at the Blossom Counseling Center for Personal Growth and Development, LLC.

    First, you may be thinking, Why the name Blossom Counseling Center for Personal Growth and Development? As you can see there is a lot of growth language embodied in the name (like all over it). First, “Blossom” as a verb means to “produce flowers.” It’s impossible to produce flowers without a seed. Second, although we are unable to produce flowers in our humanness, we do have the ability to bloom just as beautifully from the inside out. Third, in the therapy setting, it is my intention to support you in uprooting negative thinking and behaviors; plant, healthy thought seeds; water the seeds through consistent positive engagement and treatment, which allows you to “Flourish From the Inside Out.” I cannot say it enough, “I want to see you Grow into your BEST self.”

    For over 15 years, I have made it my focus to research the topic of trauma and counsel those who have had traumatic experiences. It’s been a joy to assist children as young as four years old to adults through the treatment model of evidence-based, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    Additionally, I am an experienced professional equipped to help children, adolescents, and adults to address concerns related to depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, grief/loss, and self-esteem. Although talk therapy is the primary form of connecting in sessions, I have experience using art, music, mindfulness meditation, and play therapy to process thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and behaviors. Although I have been in the field for an extended period of time, I am always in the seat of the learner increasing competence in treatment to support you well. 

    My approach is energetic, down to earth, non-judgmental, culturally competent, and with your best interest in mind. I normalize struggle often because we all do. I pride myself in creating a safe space for clients. One of my mottos is, “It is great that you are learning in the four wall space of my office and that you come to see me weekly; however, you spend way more hours in your real life. My desire is for you to learn tools to use to succeed in your everyday life.”

    Let’s get those wins : From seed planting to blossoming – let’s work together as healing is always in season!

    If you’d like to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with me for Therapy services, please feel free to contact me at 616-284-1138 or [email protected].