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    Client Testimonials

    “My therapeutic relationship with Shayne has been one that is monumental to my growth as a woman, and the ways that I move through and with my life! It isn’t often that a person is able to find a support system that is loving, caring, and understanding in a professional way. Since the very beginning I have and continue to feel seen and heard in this dynamic, and it inspires me to create those spaces for my community in my daily life. Shayne & Blossom Counseling Center has surely helped me to bloom!”

    –Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client




    “When I started working with Shayne, there was a connection that you hope to have with your therapist. Shayne creates a warm and comfortable environment that I feel safe coming to. There’s a sense of humanity that’s present when we’re able to have laughs along with deeper and more sensitive conversations. Shayne connects on more than just a therapist-client level, but also a human-human level which just goes to show the care she has for the people you’re helping to heal.”

    -Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client




    “I started talking to Shayne to help me survive stressful situations that I could no longer make progress getting through alone. After a year, I am already passed surviving and working well into thriving. She has helped me ask the hard questions and taught me how to chop down the vines that were holding me back for so long. I will forever be grateful for the love, care, and patience she brings to each session and helping me become who I want to be.”

    -Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client



    “Our family has loved working with Shayne. She is warm, encouraging, supportive, and is able to help us see areas we need to grow. Shayne always has practical tools and tons of resources to offer that are individualized to each of our needs. We are so thankful for Shayne and the work she does!”

    -Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client



    “From the moment I walked into Shayne’s office, I immediately felt at ease. Through her and I’s conversations, Shayne has led me to a deeper and more reflective understanding of myself, how I talk to myself, and how I interact with others around me. Her well-timed and insightful questions allow me to reframe situations in my life and had led me to own my own progress and growth. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

    -Anonymous, Blossom Counseling Center Client

    Organization Testimonials

    “Shayne McNichols has been one of our Fresh Anointing conference presenters for several years. She leads our “Breathe” sessions. The sessions are an interactive and calming break with a healthy dose of faith and the arts. We keep asking her to return because our attendees keep asking for her to return. I can’t imagine having our conference without her.”

    -Michelle Loyd-Paige, PhD. Founder and CEO of Preach Sista!



    “Positive Impact for Life had the privilege of working with the Blossom Counseling Center for a couple of workshops concerning changing the narrative of mental health thinking. Shayne McNichols inspired attendees to learn more about their mental health and to invest in themselves. The common theme on the evaluations were that she changed the way they thought and helped to fill their minds with positivity. It was a joy to see attendees gain self awareness. Thank you, Shayne, for your wisdom, beautiful spirit and kindness. Positive Impact for Life looks forward to partnering with you in the future!”

    -Malique Grear, Positive Impact for Life



    “Working in higher education and being responsible for designing programming that speaks to a diverse audience, I truly believe that Shayne McNichols Is a trusted and skilled clinician who provides relevant examples, tangible interventions and a relatable presence that impacts students and adults alike by engaging them in the important topic of managing and nurturing their mental health!

    Ms. McNichols is literally one of my go to clinician experts when I need a program that can address mental health issues in a manner that is dynamic enough that it brings students to the table, while also approaching it in a way that’s serious, but engaging and sparks healthy dialogue.

    I have witnessed students who have individually been under Shayne’s care as well as students impacted in group programming settings and I truly believe that she is gifted in this area and someone I would entrust with any student!”

    – Dr. Khayree O. Williams, Austin Community College, Director of the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Campus Center



    “Shayne is a wonderfully dynamic, engaging and professional presence – both in communication and in her trainings. Shayne lends a unique perspective to mental health topics that makes participants think and engage in deeper conversation. Shayne is excellent to work with and I highly recommend her.”

    – Erin Rowlson, LMFT